WHY VIDEO Packages

Share the Passion that drives your business. 

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If you're new to using videos for marketing & promoting, we suggest our basic package. This includes a 1 and-a-half minute WHY Video consisting of an interview with you and B-Role of your business.


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Package #2

We highly recommend this package because sometimes our passion can't always be explained in a minute and a half. It includes a two and-a-half minute WHY Video and consists of an Interview and B-Role.  The cool thing about this package, is that you can split the two videos, one lasting a minute and a half and one lasting one minute.

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For those that truly understand the value of videos in marketing & promoting today, this package exceeds that value. Over the course of a year, this package will provide you with quarterly videos (4 total) that share even more about the passion that drives your business.  Save $150 on each minute and a half video with an Interview and B-Role at one location. This can be paid annually, quarterly or monthly.

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